The Ground Up fosters healthy communities through healthy soil. We partner with natural systems and energy to minimize inputs and maximize yields. We service private residences, businesses, municipalities, agricultural production systems and open spaces by providing safe and healthy alternatives to synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. We address soil related plant problems by feeding the soil with biologically diverse compost teas and extracts and we supply other compost tea distributors with products needed to make this solution.



Partnering With The Soil Food Web

The Soil Food Web is the foundation for all soil, food, and life. Billions of microscopic organisms carry out the tasks necessary to cycle nutrients, build soil structure, and boost plant health. The Ground Up views all soil and land management products and services through the lens of the Soil Food Web. This natural approach results in healthier plants, healthier ecology and healthier communities.

Compost Tea & Extract

the ground up compost tea

Soil Health Analysis

Tree Care

Compost Consulting

What Do We Offer?


The Ground Up offers soil health analysis through field testing and direct observation microscopy. We will rapidly test the biology in your soils to find out what organisms are present and what is missing from your Soil Food Web.

Compost Teas and Extracts are live cultures used to feed the soil. This liquid solution is made by the extraction of beneficial microorganisms from high quality compost using patented technology.