About Us

Our Mission

The Ground Up fosters healthy communities through education and improved soil biology.

A Local Business Fostering Community Resilience

The Ground Up proudly resides in the heart of Eagle County in the Vail Valley.  Supporting local businesses like ours ensures revenue flows through and stimulates our local economy, leading to a more resilient community!  By using compost tea to keep plants healthy, you will also be doing your part to help restore our local rivers and enhance our beautiful mountain views.

Our Team

The Ground Up’s team is made up of Masters in Composting, Soil Health Management, Gardening at Altitude, and Arboriculture.  We commit to diligence and care for your needs and the environment.

nick close

Nick Close

ISA Certified Arborist and Preventative Tree Care Specialist.


shawn bruckman

Shawn Bruckman

CSU Master Gardener, USCC Certified Compost Operations Manager, and Soil Health Specialist.

evan ellis ground up

Evan “Lanny” Ellis

CSU Master Gardener, Certified Permaculture Design Specialist, and Soil Food Web Lab Technician.