Compost Tea

Compost Tea

Compost Tea for the Landscape

Landscape care for people who care about using natural, safe, organic products around their family, furry friends and the environment.

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What frustrates you most when caring for your landscape?

  • Poor soil?
  • Weeds?
  • Saving water?
  • Tree problems?


We deal with same frustrations in our own landscapes, and we’re here to help! If you look into your land and see compacted dirt instead of rich soil or sad, stunted plants instead of thriving, beautiful ones, give us a call!

We work with nature not against it

We work with nature by using compost extract/tea to improve the soil rather than relying on harsh chemicals to help plants limp along.

We know what we’re doing

The Ground Up is a Colorado based company that specializes in every aspect of

  • Compost Extract/Tea Creation
  • Biological Laboratory Assessments for Soil Health
  • Soil Amendment Application
  • Preventative Health Care for Trees and Shrubs



By analyzing existing soil and plant conditions, we can specialize in getting the proper amount and diversity of organisms the soil needs, how to deliver them, and how to ensure they are doing their jobs.

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What do our customers have to say?

I’m a serious gardener and treat my soil well. For the past several years, I’ve been delighted with the results of The Ground Up’s compost tea application.

Not only can I see a visible difference in my plants after application, but the whole process is super simple too.

I just booked, they applied, sent me an invoice to pay online, and scheduled my next one.

Far easier that trying to hunt down affordable, organic veggie fertilizers in this area!

-Lindsay Graves of Fourth Street Farm in Eagle, CO

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Is it safe?

Our compost extracts and teas are free of harsh chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. The compost inputs we use meet processes to further reduce pathogens and disease, so treated fruits and vegetables are totally safe for consumption and treated lawns and fields are safe for animals following application.

You can rest assured that family, pets, and wildlife are completely safe to pick a salad, roll on the lawn, or graze in the field.

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What happens during the FREE on-site analysis?

  1. Our highly trained consultant examines your trees, lawn, and planting areas to assess the over all health.
  2. We ask a series of questions to better understand your goals and needs.
  3. Soil samples are collected and analyzed to determine existing conditions.
  4. You receive an estimate for the services that would most benefit your landscape.
  5. Tea extracts are crafted to meet your specific soil health needs.

How do we apply compost tea to your landscape?


Foliar Application

Our favorite method to apply compost extracts and teas is via a pressurized spray gun directly onto plants and soils, so the “good guys” can immediately get to work feeding your plants!

Soil Drench

This application method is particularly beneficial for the sterile, compacted soils found all over Rocky Mountains. Over time, the microbes begin to break up the compacted soil to allow roots to grow deeper, creating stronger plants.

Deep Root Feeding

For trees and larger shrubs, we use a probe to inject tea directly into the soil near the plant root zone. This helps break up compaction, feed the root system and quickly deliver microbes where they may have a hard time getting.

Vertical Mulching

For extra compacted soils, we drill holes into the soil profile and fill them with compost and pea gravel to enhance structure and improve aeration around the plant root zones.



Call us today to schedule your free on-site analysis and rest easy that you CAN have a beautiful, healthy landscape without the harsh chemicals!