Soil Health Analysis

Soil Food Web Health Analysis

The Ground Up offers direct observation microscopy testing and analysis right here in the heart of Colorado.  We will rapidly test the biology in your soils to find out what organisms are present and missing from your Soil Food Web.

After testing, we can recommend the specific amendment and application methods suitable for your plants and landscape and/or implement them with our own field technicians.  

The Ground Up has the only lab and field technician in the Rocky Mountain Region certified by Soil Food Web school.  Our SFW Lab Technician has studied under Dr. Elaine Ingham, inventor of the Soil Food Web and author of the NRCS’s Soil Biology Primer. 

To send us a sample: (please follow directions exactly to avoid contamination and for the most accurate results)

  1. Take a sample of soil from ~3-6 inches from the surface of the soil in the area(s) you wish to have tested.  Do this 5 times in 5 different spots in the area(s) you wish to have tested.
  2. Mix your samples together in a quart-size sealable bag.  
  3. Make sure your sample bag is only 50% full of soil to allow adequate air for the organisms in the soil.
  4. Seal the bag with some amount of air within.
  5. Include a label outside your bag with:
    1. Your Name/Company Name
    2. Sample name(s)
    3. Date and time collected
    4. Date and time shipped
  6. Put your soil samples in a shipping-safe container and mail them overnight to XXXXX