We provide a variety of services at The Ground Up. Select any one service or bundle multiple services in a package. We work with you to determine the best plan.

Compost Extract And Compost Tea Application

Trees, shrubs, turf, gardens, and agricultural land all benefit from our Compost Extract and Teas.  We will come to you to provide direct applications of our liquid amendment. This probiotic for plants is applied via foliar spray, soil drench, and/or deep root feeding.  Our technicians are equipped to provide more than 200 gallons of our product in just a few hours upon arrival at your site. The amount of product you need may vary, but our top-quality service never varies.  We will work with you to create an annual plan that works for you and your plants.

Soil Food Web Maintenance Plan

The Ground Up offers comprehensive biological planning which works with the Soil Food Web to turn the most sterile “dirt” back into healthy, living soil.